Friday, February 04, 2011

Bug: 900 million users of Internet Explorer affected

In early February 2011, Microsoft company have  issued a critical security alert for users who surf the Internet using  Internet Explorer. Microsoft found this problem as  disturbance to the system programmer is very serious and affect all the users using Microsoft Explorer because the company list  the new defect in Windows that allows hackers to took over operation of the computer.
         Microsoft said, the bug is in the windows for  possible do not want users to switch to another browser and affects all versions of the operating system  including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also Windows server.So far Microsoft cannot  remove the bug and has issued a security code to prevent any attempts to use it.
         But, other users using  Firefox ,Google Chrome, Safari and others  not affected by the threat.This is because Internet Explorer the browser support MHTML files  as a source of the problem   

         Microsoft  have describe this weakness as a serious threat for website.  All Windows users, especially Internet Explorer users are urged to download the code for the command because company  is trying to address the problem and solve it  permanently.