Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Interactive SMART Meeting Pro software

SMART products make collaboration a visual and interactive experience. SMART provide successful technology implementation with its extraordinary product. Customer can choose SMART solutions and implement in their organization such as for education, business,government and more.There are variety of SMART product. For instance,using SMART Meeting Pro software.

Using SMART Meeting Pro software will enhance teamwork and boost productivity in engaging new ways.
This powerful collaboration software that drive Freestorm visual collaboration solutions are based on intuitive software that makes it easy to share information, capture ideas and determine next steps.

  SMART Meeting Pro Software
The function of this product is suitable and useful  because:
1)more collaboration,less administration
2)built for business
3)natural interaction
4)write and save flexibility

The unique  of this product is it take notes over any available application and capture ideas easily into virtually unlimited interactive whiteboard space with also enables  to keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes. 

This is a right solutions for extadionary  collaboration,  good for working together whether it's through informal, structured, formal or dispersed collaboration.


logorithm said...

Menarik! Dah tengok videonya kat Youtube. Boleh pulak touchscreen kat whiteboard dia...

Syazlina Khairuddin said...

nie free software ke?

farhan said...

bukan free..kena bayar..cuba tengok dalam link tu..