Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Deep Web

For those who do not know, The Deep Web is something that represents most of the content on the internet that can not be accessed normally through the major searches like Google / Yahoo / Bing or other search engines.

Search on the internet today, can be compared to dragging nets across the sea surface, although many fish to be caught in the nets, but many still live and there still at the bottom. And the left continues to be a mystery and escape from view. Just like the Internet, most content on the internet are dynamically generated and stored away in essence, common search engines will not be able to find it.

Here are some facts on The Deep Web:
a)Information available in The Deep Web now this almost 500 times more than the information available on The World Wide Web.
b)The Deep Web contains 7,500 terabytes of data compared to 19 terabytes of data available on The World Wide Web.
c)The Deep Web store more than 550 billion individual documents compared to only 1 billion in The World Wide Web.
d)More than 200 thousands of web pages available on The Deep Web for now.
e)The Deep Web, more and more categories of information emerging daily.
f)Because of too much information available, The Deep Web is more narrow and difficult to penetrate.
g)The quality of information in the Deep Web is 100 to 200 times greater than The World Wide Web.
h)The Deep Web content more relevant to the search, market and domain.
i)Over 95 percent of the information on The Deep Web is free and can be shared freely.

1)here about the deep web

2)here on tor (anonymity_network

3)here on. onion

There are Five Search Engines You Can Use to Search the Deep
Web.Check this:


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Sam Jackson said...

"This topic that you chose is a fascinating one and a topic that most people are not aware of. It was shocking to me how much activity goes on in the deep web and how it is used. I thought it was interesting how the deep web can be used for good and for bad. Most of the activity is bad and should be punished by law, but other users are exploiting this part of the web to do good. I agree that you are never going to be able to stop the trading and selling of illegal products on the Internet. I do believe that this deep web should be controlled by federal agencies so that it does not get out of control.
Make sure to not post full URL addresses when you cite. Instead, use a key word and hyperlink the URL to that specific word or sentence which needs citing."
Crazyask the DarkWeb Howmate