Monday, August 15, 2011

Choose Alexa

Alexa is a useful tools of web navigation  to  provides information and resources about websites.This  including Top Sites, Internet Traffic Stats and Metrics, Related Links, Online Reviews Contact Information and many more function. Alexa is use especially  to discover information about websites, to know how popular a website,who owns the website, how high traffic rank for your website and lot more.
       By using Alexa , a user will analyze,research and can know a keyword ,website by search hot topics.For instance,  what people are searching for on the web right now.Then,Alexa also will show which  The top sites on the web by Alexa traffic rank.For example,now Goggle is ranking no1 the top sites on the web.Next, Alexa provides information for hot products for user those  trying to find the best products and website.Furthermore,for those have own website especially blogger can utilized site tools, Alexa toolbar to the website for web traffic.

       For blogger which have own blog,there can  know their blog ranking when it starting from large number to small number.This mean more small ranking alexa figure more steady and goods that blogs.                         
So,here  to inform  that Alexa is for you as internet information providers.To  register,click        


PORUMAN said...

kasi BM lor ...

farhan said...

aku nak kasi BI jugak..baru ALEXA tau